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About Media Five99

Media Five99 is a graphic & interactive design agency with a clear focus on cross media projects. With our multi-disciplinary team we break the rules of boredom in order to make your brand stand out of the mass. How? Very simple: Experience, a strong strategy and above all boundless creativity.

After ten years of creative experience in Holland and on Curacao, Wouter Meeuwisse (Interactive designer) and Rombout Versluijs (Graphic designer) joined forces and created Media Five99. The name Five99 tells you exactly where we are based: on Curacao, in the Antilles, where all phone numbers start with 599. From this beautiful location we give full service to the Antillean and Dutch market.

At Media Five99 we believe that you can only be great at the things you really like to do. We love to design.


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Specialties: Posters, Flyers, Identity

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Specialties: Websites, FB apps, Banners, Analytics, Apps, Animation

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Specialties: Photography, Posters, Flyers, Identity & Logo's

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Based on Curacao, with clients from all over the Antilles and in the Netherlands, the world is our playground. And we are a fun team to play with. We are all-round and offer everything, from logo's, banners to complete websites or a brand new 'look and feel' for your company.

Our expertise brings us far and at the same time keeps us close to our origin: the Netherlands. Situated on Curacao we are even more interesting for our Dutch clients: Simply because we aren't subjected to the relatively 'expensive' Euro, and therefore budget-friendlier in comparison to other design agencies in Europe. And don't forget time; we are able to work with a virtual deadline, which means that we don't stop working when your office in the Netherlands closes it's doors, instead we will always have five to six hours left.


  • Posters / Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Logo's
  • Offline Media
  • 3D modeling


  • FB apps / apps
  • Banners
  • Websites
  • Interaction design
  • Analytics

Working on

  • Carbonell New Zealand
  • Bertolli Asia
  • Lot1038
  • Brandsimex
  • Wenotifyou
  • Ennia Events
  • SOAB
  • Etsspoor
  • Cabana Beach
  • Kokomo Beach

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Seaquarium Beach


About the project

Inform your visitors about
the rules is important, but
you don’t want to feel unwelcome. Seaquarium Beach, located at the south side of Curacao, asked
Mediafive99 to design a
flyer that would inform
their visitors about the rules
in an attractive way.



July 2010


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Media Five99 - design curacao - Seaquarium Beach